Me and My Mugs

Hello! I’m Millie, I moved to Hastings a little while ago (during the pandemic) and started my pottery business: Millie’s Pottery. I graduated in fine art from City & Guilds of London Art School but had always focused on painting. After I left art school it was ceramics that I was really drawn to and just before lockdown started I bought myself a kiln and pretty much taught myself everything! I love what I make now, just as much as I love to see and hear about how happy my pottery has made people and all the different meanings it has to all of you. Thank you so much for supporting me and encouraging me to keep making more!

Most of my pottery is earthenware with the occasional bit of stoneware whenever I get time to go on the wheel again. I hand sculpt and build the peekaboo mugs and most of the lumpy pots you see using a pinch method. Some of my other pieces are slip cast from moulds, slab built or thrown on the wheel. I use the best clay and glaze on the market to give you the highest quality item. Everything is fired at least twice in my kiln, first is the bisque firing, after which I do all the painting bits and then dip them in transparent glaze and fire them again. Everything takes about a month to make (sometimes longer in the winter if the temperature is low and they take long to dry) and each item is totally unique.