Do you take custom orders?

I am not able to take custom orders at the moment but I will let you know if that changes, you can follow me on Instagram or TikTok for any updates.

What temperature liquid can the mugs take?

I do not recommend using boiling water in these mugs unless otherwise stated (the stoneware mugs are fine) they are better suited to warm drinks like milky coffee or hot chocolate or any cool drinks


Will you restock / make more of a mug I saw?

All of my mugs are one off, I don't usually repeat exact same designs. However I will make very similar ones and it's very likely that I will be making more of anything that you've seen. 


Can I create an account for a faster purchasing experience?

Yes you can create an account on my website. After you have signed in, click the account icon on the right of the home page. On the right hand side of the new page that will load, you will see 'Account details'. This is where you can add your address, which will appear automatically when you next checkout.


How much do your mugs cost?

On average, the peekaboo mugs that are just my standard ones usually cost around £55. Overall my mug prices vary from £30 up to £80 but this continues to change as I develop new designs. 


What countries do you ship to?

UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. At the moment i'm not able to ship to the rest of Europe due to complications caused by Brexit.

I am looking in to worldwide shipping so if your country is not listed, keep an eye out on my social media for any updates!


How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is based on weight

United Kingdom - £4.50 - £6

United States - £16 - £23

Canada - £16 - £23

Australia - £19 - £26

New Zealand - £20 - £28


Are they dishwasher safe?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is dishwashers can increase the chances of them being damaged and the general wear and ageing of the mug. I would recommend hand washing where you can and then putting it in the dishwasher for an occasional deep clean. Do not put any mugs in the dishwasher that have anything glued or added on, gold or other metal lustres or any transfers.


Are they microwave safe?

Yes unless they have a gold lustre. This is real gold and absolutely cannot go in the microwave